There are two parts to getting your website running.

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Our 4-Step Design Process

Hosting Basics and Options

  • 1. Initial Consultation and Establishment of Scope

    Here the goal is to gather ideas and determine the look, feel, desired features, site goal, budget, domain name, and estimated completion time. You will need to provide 2 or 3 examples of designs you like, as well as provide images and text for your site. This step can be handled over the phone. No fees are paid at this time.

  • 2. Proposal

    An official proposal will be submitted establishing time-line, services, and cost, as well as clarifying what was discussed during Step 1. Once approved, a 50% deposit will be made with the remainder due upon completion. We prefer to handle this in person, however, we can work virtually.

  • 3. Start of Project

    The project will be started based on your approved proposal. After completion of the initial design layout, we will submit a design/page example for you to review and request changes and/or approve the design.

    At this stage, if you are not satisfied with the direction the project is headed we can part ways and you are welcome to a refund of your deposit, minus any cost incurred by Small Fry Support.

  • 4. Review and Go Live

    The remaining pages will be built out and loaded to your hosting server. Once you are satisfied with the final product we will go live with the site. The remaining balance becomes due.

  • After The Build

    A common concern business owners have is how to maintain their site; Small Fry Support has the solution.  We provide several service options that include regular update support. These options are designed to meet the ongoing support needs of the site without breaking the bank.

What's Hosting

Our Hosting

Your Hosting

Discount Hosting


Hosting is one of the necessary items when you have a website.

In order for people to view your website, the design and content need to be saved to a place the Internet can access. When people type in your web address,, they are directed to your hosting account, which displays your site for the world to see.

Small Fry Support hosting packages solve the number one concern of our clients, ongoing support. You see, our hosting packages not only include industry standard features, but also regular updates, so you don't have to worry about learning web design, staffing someone, or finding a contractor as you need to make changes to your site.



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If you have an existing hosting service that you would prefer to stick with, we are happy to build your site and upload it to your account.

Often times when our clients compare their hosting service with ours they find that  the grass really is greener.



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If you are the type of client that is really looking to cut costs, you are in luck, we have Discount Hosing. We also have a great relationship with a discount hosting company that will allow you to save and also put you in more control over your website. Plus, if Small Fry Support builds your website and you go with our partner for hosting, we offer an ongoing one time annual update for half the price.


Our Hosting

Are there any ongoing costs for my website?

Yes, there are two costs to maintaining any website: Domain and Hosting.

  • Your Domain cost is the annual fee related to owning your domain name e.g. This cost is normally around $15.00 for the year but can be less for longer time frames.
  • Hosting is a cost incurred monthly; it is essentially a folder that your website is saved to that makes it possible for people to find your domain.

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Can I use you for hosting without using your design service? If I do will you update it?

  • Yes, if you would like to take advantage of the special pricing we have setup you certainly can.
  • Yes, if you would like us to update your existing site that is possible as well, many times we can also offer the same support hosting options. This will be done on a case by case basis because your site may not be one that can be modified or may be under a previous service agreement. Here at Small Fry Support we have a “can” mentality, so if you have a need we will do anything we can to find a solution, so ask away.

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What's considered a page?

Our prices are based on the number of pages on your website. A page is any menu item, for example; on our website "Home", "Website Design" and "View Samples" are each considered a page. Each design package comes with a set amount of pages, each additional page is $49.99. Regardless of which package you start with, you can always add pages at a later date. This allows your site to grow with you over time.

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What happens once I place my order?

One of our designers will contact you to get started on your design. We will ask you general questions related to our design process. We can also set a time to meet with you for the proposal.

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Can you design a website to sell items?

As a norm we do not build on-line stores. This is because the more complex nature of such a website does not allow it to fit within our normal pricing structure. Because of this, “e-commerce” websites may be done on a case by case basis with its own unique cost structure.  However, if you are only selling a few items we can create a website that uses a simple PayPal "Buy Now" button.

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Can I add more pages later?

Yes, regardless of which package you start with you can always add pages at a future date. This allows your site to grow with you over time. In addition, depending on how many pages you add, you may qualify for discounted pricing.

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Can I make changes once the website is done?

Of course, once your website is completed, changes can be made as often as you like. The cost to update is going to vary a bit depending on the hosting options you choose. If you choose outside hosting, then of course you can access your hosting and change it anytime they allow. However, most of our clients choose us because of the support options we offer. When you need to make changes you will simply submit a request by email or online form. We will then contact you to confirm and process the change for you.

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How do I send pictures and other content? Do I need to gather everything before contacting you?

You can either upload the content to the online folder we provide you, or email it. It is not necessary to gather everything before we meet or even before we get started, often times there is additional information requested as a result of our meetings anyway. While we are designing the site we can use filler content where needed until actual content is provided, this way we can get your site up and running as quickly as possible.

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Where are you located?

We are located in Katy Texas, which is on the West side of Houston.

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How do I determine what my website will look like?

We determine what your site will look like based on your requests. We realize it isn’t always easy for people to determine what they like. This is part of the reason we ask our clients to find two or three websites that they like, these will serve as a basis for our designs. As the designer we will also give you direction, as needed, to make sure your site looks professional.

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